Run by Pro Motorcycle and ATV Racers

19 of 20 Top Pro ATV Racers
Run with the Precision

Stop getting beat-up by your ATV
Do what the Pros do. Run Precision

New Shock & Vibe Clamp
Wins Baja 1000

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New Pro Model

With built in reservoir

Used by Pro riders and Amateurs alike for the track or trail.

Available for Sport or Utility ATVs

5 months into our first season, 7 of the top 9 Pros Switched to the new Precision Stabilizer (2005)

Now racers and non racers can have the advantage of this superior product on their Quad

Keith Little Runs the Precision ATV
steering stabilizer on his YFZ450

Tim Far Runs The Precision Stabilizer on his Honda TRX450R

Fewer Injuries
Impact Damping
Superior Mounting
Adjustable Steering Zones

New Bill Ballance edition in Yamaha Blue
Signed by the 8 time National Champion

Mounts low, safely tucked behind the bumper at the proper geometry.You can run a Stock or after market steering stem. This unit will not affect your handle bar height or position.
Precision Racing Products Patented design is the only stabilizer design to adjust the dampening For going straight separately from the sides when turning

This precision steering damper was designed for ATVs It is not a motorcycle damper retrofitted for ATV use

Who needs these revolutionary product?

  • Anyone who rides hard
  • Anyone that needs stability
  • Anyone who wants an edge
  • Anyone who needs to go to work on Monday

Every top racer uses a steering stabilizer, and nearly everyone of them chose this one. Whether you race or just ride hard, it will make a huge difference in the experience by increasing the stability of your quad while reducing bar rip and fatigue you feel, keeping you safer and the riding fun

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