The Precision Stabilizer, undefeated in 2006 and 2007

The most winning product in ATV racing
26 Pro MX ATVA wins in 26 races

68 wins in 70 races in national competition
Pro men’s and women’s class MX and Cross Country

Dustin Wimmer:

“The ultimate stabilizer, easy to adjustable, reliable, never fails”

Dustin Wimmer 2008 ATVA MX Champion runs Precision Stabilizer on his Team Suzuki Factory ride LTR 450R

Daryl Rath

"I put on some Dunlop Tires with Tireballs, and a Precision Steering Stabilizer and headed for the line.”

Rath Podiums the IATVHSS againt full blown race quads.

John Natalie:
"It's Great, I love it"

John Natalie 2005 GNC MX Champion aboard his Team Honda TRX 450 R and in 2008 on his Factory Can-Am DS450

trx 450r ktm xc525 and xc450
Tim Farr:
"It works great! I'm looking forward to playing with the settings some more"

Tim Far aboard his Factory Hond TRX 450 and in 2008 on his Factory KTM 450 and 525 SX and MX

Joe Byrd:
"It's so tunable, we love it"

Joe Byrd running the Precision Racing Steering Stabilizer aboard his Team Honda TRX450

custom axis, walsh, yoshimura
Keith Little:
"Awesome!!! I had no idea it was going to be this good."

Keith little Team Yamaha runs the Precision Stabilizer on his YFZ450 in 2005. In 2006 he is running the Precision on his Team Honda TRX450R

yfz 450 , trx450r, kfx450r
Bill Ballance:
"By Far! the best thing I've ever run"

Bill Ballance 6 time GNCC National Champion and Factory Yamaha rider Running the Precision stabilizer impact damper on his 2006 YFZ 450 and his Raptor 700R

team yamaha yfz450

Doug Gust:
"By far the best out there"

Team Suzuki Yoshimura factory rider runs precision on his LTR450

Jeremiah Jones:
"Awesome! If I could only put one thing on my Quad this would be it"
Team Suzuki Yoshimura factory rider runs precision on his LT-R450

Chris Jenks:
"Best thing I've ever Run!"
Pro GNCC ATV racer runs Precision aboard TRX450

Jeremy Rice:
"Awesome! It's incredible"
Pro GNCC ATV racer runs Precision Damper aboard LTR 450

Mike Machado:
"When I go through the woops it's like I'm being pulled on a rope"
Pro ITP Quad Cross racer runs Precision stabilizers on his TRX450R

Ed Teixeira:
"I average 4-6 MPH faster through the rough stuff"
Pro Desert racer runs Precision aboard KTM520

Josh Frederick:
2007 WORCS Champion & 2005 SCORE & Best in Desert Champ YFZ450 & TRX450 DS450

Johnny Gallagher:
"Incredible! I kept bracing for the bar rip but it would never come"
Pro GNCC racer runs Precision ATV steering stabilizer impact damper,TRX450

Travis Spader:
"Fantastic! They don't know what they're missing"

Pro GNC MX Team Yamaha aboard 2006 YFZ450 Quad

None of these racers have been paid to run or promote this product

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