Precision Racing Products takes great pride in the quality of its steering stabilizer,
and offers the following warranty:

The workmanship and materials of this stabilizer is under warranty for the period
of 3 years from the time of purchase.

The internal mechanical components of this stabilizer are guaranteed from breaking under any riding conditions for 3 years. Example: Toppling end over end down a hill would be covered if internal parts of the stabilizer break.

What is not covered: Normal wear and tear, maintenance items (ex. oil, seals),
linkage and mounting hardware, or damage to the unit from external source
(ex. rocks) . Most importantly the rider and any one else or any non stabilizer components are not covered (ride at your own risk). The interpretation of terms
such as normal and maintenance will be at Precision Racing Products discretion.

In the event that of a major internal mechanical failure the original purchaser is only responsible for maintenance items if a rebuild is possible (oil, seals). If a rebuild is
not possible the unit will be replaced at no cost to the original purchaser.

This warranty is non transferable.