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The Precision Parabolic Steering Damper is a new concept in steering damping that does not raise your handlebars or put the damper in a dangerous location
How to determine your handlebar position. Handlebar positions are counted from the rider out.
How to measure all the linkage parts of the parabolic damper
What do I need to switch my Parabolic damper to my new bike.
Can I use one steering stabilizer on both my bikes?
Yes you can change your own oil in the Parabolic Damper. See the video link.
If it feels like the parabolic damper is locking up, it is one of two things: The high-speed is not adjusted properly or the damper is not mounted properly.
My damper is slipping and the ball pin is coming out of the pivot dog.
The reservoir and performance differences explained
Oil change every 100 hours. Send it in to Precision-RP or do it yourself. Click More Info for a pdf.
Does my damper need rebuilding? What are the steps to rebuild my damper?
Dampers do not get stiffer over time. They break-in, ware and become looser not tighter. If your damper is stiff read more info
Moving your damper from one make and model to a different make or model
You can replace link-arms.
The settings on your Precision ATV damper
How do I movie my S/V Clamps to a different steering stem?
If you bend or damage your studs you can change them.
Can I change the springs on my S/V Clamps?
Will my Shock & Vibe Clamps work with: A cross bar, 7/8 bars, Fat bars, Flexx Bars? Your S/V Clamps will work with a removable cross bar like most cross bars come today. They work with 7/8 of fat bars when you purchase the correct model. The S/v wi
Yes you can rebuild your S/V clamps. We sell a rebuild kit on this website. You can also send your clamps in if you would like us to rebuild them for you.
The Precision Shock & Vibe Clamps my raise you bar depending on the height of your stock clamps.
We will gladly accept the returns for 30 days from the purchase date. This includes products that are defective due to to manufacturing and/or workmanship. Fulfillment mistakes that may be made which result in the shipment of incorrect products to yo