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Parabolic 7/8 bar complete Kawi KX450F (2019-20)

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Steering Stabilizer for 7/8" handlebar.  7/8" Handlebars is the stock size for 2019-2020 1-1/8" for 2021 on.  With mounting kit for KAWASAKI KX450F  2019-2021 KX250F 2021. This Damper mounts to the handlebar between the two handlebar clamps.  You will need to trim the tank plastics slightly where the tank attaches to the frame just behind the top triple clamp.

This damper  has 20 low speed adjustments with detente clicks and 12 high speed adjustments with lobe clicks.  The linkage is greased and sealed for long life and is adjustable for wear.  The unit as shown weighs approx. 1.0 Lb (454 grams)

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