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Parabolic Damper 1-1/8 bar & Mount Kit Beta (2018-2021)

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Steering Stabilizer for 1-1/8" Handlebars with mounting kit for Beta 2018-2019. This damper includes a shorter bearing cap seal. This Damper mounts to the handlebar between the two handlebar clamps.  If your handlebar clamps are connected on top or bottom you will need to cut them or purchase separate pieces, aftermarket or PHDS clamps

This damper has 20 low speed adjustments with detente clicks and 12 high speed adjustments with lobe clicks.  The linkage is greased and sealed for long life and is adjustable for wear.  The unit as shown weighs aprox. 1.2 Lb (544 grams)


Bulge pad for parabolic damper