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  2. What are the features of a parabolic motorcycle damper?

By mounting the damper at an angle and using articulating joints the Parabolic Damper does not raise the handlebars

Run the height and position that makes you comfortable

The Parabolic damper does not mount in a dangerous position over the bars to cause injury to your chest or chin

Has 20 numbered low speed positions with clicks and stops at both ends

Is adjustable in a second with a bar pad on

Has 12 high speed positions with lobes and stops at both ends

Smooth transition from straight to turning damping with more damping in the center

Automatically compensates for thermal expansion with a built in reservoir

Stocky solid mount, no pencil sticking up

Fully greased and sealed ware adjustable linkage

Tested and used by Factory KTM and Husqvarna race teams


What will you notice when you ride this damper:

High speed stability, no tank slap, or high speed wobbles

Reduces wheel chatter going into corners

The back end will stay behind you in the whoops, breaking bumps, muddy or slippery conditions

Reduces the bars getting jerked when you cross rut or hit a rock, root or tree

Rider can lighten up their grip reducing arm pump